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We believe that education should be an essential part of a dentist’s life and it should go beyond learning, it should also be about being innovative and adopting new approaches. We have been sharing our knowledge by lecturing and carrying out courses and workshops internationally for many years and now we are running our courses in three major cities of the UK, London, Leeds and Edinburgh. We are offering training from "Introduction to Lasers" to in-practice tutoring courses and every step in between to make you a laser expert. We take the scientific background of our training seriously, this is why we are proudly cooperating with Aachen Dental Laser Centre (AALZ) who run the first accredited Master of Science degree in Lasers in Dentistry in Europe. Our mission is to build a close network of laser dentistry practitioners, being in close contact even long after they are trained by us, trying to be their Laser Dentistry solutions partner. 

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Ozge Erbil Maden BDS

Director & Founder

Ozge Erbil Maden DMD

Ozge Erbil Maden was born in 1982, in Istanbul. She studied dentistry (2000-2005) in University of Istanbul. Then she worked as an associate dentist in a private practice focusing on prosthetic work for 6 years, especially restoring implants with the help of lasers on a daily basis. She is very fond of laser dentistry, that is why she founded Seesaw Dental Education in the UK, hoping her enthusiasm spreads. While she does the organisational management herself, she leaves the lecturing to the international experts of the field. She says: "I'm glad that there is already an increasing volume of interest to the laser dentistry in the UK. Whether any dentist has already invested in lasers or they are considering the purchase, we want to be the address to go to, to get the most out of the owned laser or to make the right decision what kind of laser would benefit the practitioner.”

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Director, Lecturer & Trainer

Dr Ilay Maden BDS (TUR) ORE (UK) MSc (GER) PhD (TUR)

Dr Ilay Maden BDS (TUR) ORE (UK) MSc (GER) PhD (TUR) was born in 1980, in Istanbul. He studied dentistry and did his PhD studies for periodontology in the University of Istanbul. He has received his Master of Science degree for Lasers in Dentistry from Aachen University, Germany. Dr Ilay Maden is the co-director, lecturer and trainer of Seesaw Dental Education and representative of Aachen Laser Research Center; AALZ in the United Kingdom. He is also an Adjunct Faculty Member - Visiting lecturer at Aachen Laser Research Center; AALZ, Aachen University, Germany, an expert lecturer for Laser and Health Academy and a training instructor for International Continuing Education Center for Dental Implants; IFZI – Germany. He has held a number of theoretical and hands-on courses and lectures on the diode, Nd:YAG and Erbium lasers in dentistry internationally. He has also been a speaker in a number of international congresses regarding lasers in dentistry. Cont. here

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Dr Ilay Maden BDS MSc Phd

Co-Operation with RWTH Aachen University's Dental International Academy & Aachen Dental Laser Centre (AALZ)

Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is one of the Germany’s elite universities and one of the most highly recognised technical universities in Europe. With 260 institutes within nine faculties, it is one of the Europe’s leading institutions for science and engineering research. With innumerable industrial cooperation partners, the education that students receive at RWTH Aachen is firmly rooted in real-world applications. As a result, RWTH graduates are highly sought after by business and industry and one on five board members of German corporations is an alumnus of RWTH Aachen University.

As the central, executive education institute of RWTH Aachen University, RWTH Aachen International Academy is able to call upon the expertise of the university’s research institutes. Each of their executive education programs is developed in conjunction with RWTH Aachen institute. The institute nominates a scientific director and delivers the course in combination with lectures from science and industry as appropriate. Thus, RWTH International Academy is able to offer participants the opportunity to profit from the university’s expertise in a practical manner.

RWTH Aachen International Academy
Aachen Dental Laser Center

As the Aachen Center for Laser Dentistry (AALZ), we believe that lifelong learning is not just an essential integral part of today´s modern, future-oriented dental surgery; in addition, it will play a decisive part in the future if dentists wish to keep pace with scientific and technological innovations and efficiently maintain a healthy surgery structure. In cooperation with the Clinic for Dental Conservation, Periodontology and Preventive Dentistry at the University of Excellence RWTH Aachen, AALZ, run by Prof Dr Norbert Gutknecht, has created the first dental laser education institute in Germany in 1991. Known for its research in laser-assisted dentistry, it cooperates nationally and internationally with major research facilities.

The implementation of laser technology in dentistry confronts dentists with treatment possibilities whose scientific background, biophysical interactions and extensive theoretical and practical foundations are not standard subjects of academic studies in dentistry. Only with solid training, this scientifically highly sound and innovative treatment method can be used in a therapeutically correct and successful way. Since its foundation, the AALZ has been the leading worldwide specialist in dental laser education. With a cooperation between AALZ and Seesaw DC, we offer you recognised and accredited training and help you to meet your goal of becoming a laser specialist.

Seesaw Dental Education