Introduction to Lasers in Implantology Course

According to our experience and knowledge, lasers have many benefits in implantology, oral surgery and periodontology. We believe the dentists who are interested in implantology are likely to adapt lasers in their daily practices because of their innovative approach. We are studying “Lasers in Implantology” in a seperate title because of its advantages, not only for dentists but of course mainly for patients.  

During the course, dentists will be able find out how they can benefit from using both hard and soft tissue lasers in their practice. This course is planned to give dentists information on advantages and disadvantages, indications and outcomes for soft and hard tissues in implantology regarding to

  • osteoplasty, 
  • granulation tissue removing, 
  • disinfection, 
  • uncovering the implants and 
  • periimplantitis treatment. 



Dr Ilay Maden DMD PhD MSc

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You can register to Introduction to Lasers in Dentistry Course which is held at the same day together with Lasers in Implantology Course.

*Aachen Dental Laser Center (AALZ) certificate will be given to participants addition to CPD points. To be able to get this certificate participants need to be successful on an exam which will be held immediately after the courses.