Mastership Programme in Lasers in Dentistry London UK

One-year clinical specialisation course for selected wavelengths.

The certified Fellowship Status Certification Course is a one-year clinical specialisation course in laser dentistry, in which the dentists can participate beside their daily practice. This offer is geared towards dentists who would like to specialise in certain wavelengths. Over the course of one year, participants are taught fundamental physical and technical knowledge and how to recognise primary, secondary, and tertiary indications on twelve attendance days split into three modules including the realisation of five clinical cases.

An internet-based e-learning environment supports the participants between the modules. 

After successful completion of the course, participants get a certificate awarded by the RWTH Aachen University International Academy.

The course director, Prof Dr Norbert Gutknecht is Executive Director of the World Federation of Laser Dentistry (WFLD). 


Prof Dr Norbert Gutknecht who is a pioneer for laser dentistry both academically and clinically, and Dr Ilay Maden who is a specialist in periodontology and has a master degree in Lasers in dentistry from Aachen University.  


Laser Physics and Laser Safety Officer Course

  • Laser Safety Officer Seminar
  • Physics of Lasers
  • History of Lasers
  • Laser Wavelengths
  • Photons
  • Laser-Tissue Interactions, Absorption and Emission of Photons
  • Biophysics
  • Absorption and Absorptions Spectra
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Transformation of Laws and Regulations in the Dental Office
  • Multiple Choice Test

Erbium Laser Construction and Handling, Erbium Lasers Clinical Indications Overview

  • Erbium Laser Construction (Erbium Laser Function, Operation Manuals and Guidelines)
  • Erbium Lasers Clinical Indications Overview

Erbium Lasers (2940, 2790nm)

Biophysical background: Absorption and transmission in soft tissues;

Ablation mechanism, temperature and pulp reaction, preparation speed, cavity sterilisation, sense of pain during cavity preparation--> EBD Literature

Hands-on Training, Skill Training and Live Patient Demonstrations

Clinical Indications:

  • Periodontology (Non-surgical and Surgical Treatment) 
  • Soft Tissue Therapy (Frenectomy; Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, Gingival Hyperplasia; Incision/Excision; Pericoronitis)
  • Implantology (Implant Exposure, Peri-implantitis Treatment
  • Cavity Preparation (Minimal Invasive Caries Removal; Fissure Sealing; Cavity Preparation Methods for Composite Fillings and Ceramic Inlays; Veneer Preparation; Creation of Micro Retentive Sealings; Removal of Old Fillings (Possibilities)
  • Endodontics (Cleaning and Disinfection of the Root Canal)  
  • Hard Tissue Surgery (Apicoectomy; Sinus Lift; Depigmentation of the Gingiva; Bone Surgery: Bone Exostosis, Crown Lengthening, Osteotomy)


Diode Laser Construction and Handling, Diode Lasers Clinical Indications Overview

  • Diode Laser Construction (Diode Laser Function, Operation Manuals and Guidelines)
  • Diode Lasers Clinical Indications Overview

Diode Lasers (810/940/980/650nm)

Biophysical background: Ablation mechanisms, transmission, absorption in the tissues, temperature and tissue reactions--> EBD Literature

Hands-on Training, Skill Training and Live Patient Demonstrations

Clinical Indications:

  • Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)  
  • Periodontology (Non-surgical Treatment, Throughing)
  • Soft Tissue Therapy (Frenectomy, Gingivectomy, Gingivoplasty, Gingival Hyperplasia, Incisions (Abscess drainage), Exposure of Retained Teeth)
  • Hard Tissue Therapy (Hypersensitive Teeth)
  • Oral Mucosa Diseases (Hemangioma, Herpes, Aphthosis)
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy
  • Photo Dynamic Therapy


Oral and Written Exam

Presentation of 5 Clinical Cases

Official Delivery of the Certificates

Gala Dinner


3. Mastership Programme in Lasers in Dentistry

Module I: 06-10 September 2017 (London)

Module II: 07-11 March 2018 (London)

Module III: 13-14 September 2018 (Aachen)


  1. For second and third modules you can travel to the other locations* where our mastership programme is also held in addition to London. 
  2. After successfully participating in this course the participant will be allowed to upgrade in the 2-years module based Master of Science course “Lasers in Dentistry” by RWTH Aachen University. Achievements will be recognised and €5500 of the mastership fees will be deducted from the total MSc fees.

* Sweden, Greece, Canada, Turkey, Iran, UAE (in English), Germany (in German & English)

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