One-to-One Lasers in Dentistry Course in Your Own Practice

Practice Visits

For those who would like further help in implementing effective laser dentistry in their practices, Seesaw offers a personalised, in-practice advice and training service. This can be tailored to clinical personnel only or to all practice staff.

One-to-One "Lasers in Dentistry Course" is planned for practices who 

• want to use their not so frequently used laser more, to get their return on the investment

• want to use their own lasers more efficiently in all of the possible indications to provide better dentistry

• want to profit even more with their lasers by having their hygienist use the laser too

• need supervision on the first time use for new indications

Course Layout

Seesaw will discuss your individual requirements prior to the visit to maximise the benefits of the day. Since this is a private course only for you and your team, the day can be tailored to your needs to include theory, hands-on, discussions and/or patient treatment supervision. A post-visit report and CPD certificates will be provided. 


Theory includes a bit of physics to talk about laser-tissue interactions, overall understanding of how can lasers support you in dentistry and especially in your daily practice (for example if you are working mostly on endodontic and restorative treatments we can talk about mostly on these subjects like deep disinfection of the main and lateral canals, apicoectomy, gingivoplasty, gingivectomy, desensitization, cavity preparation etc). 

In the hands-on session you will work on extracted teeth and/or animal jaws to be able to see what you can do with your laser on different type of tissues.

Our lecturer will supervise you during your laser treatments and give you the practical tips you need such as how fast or slow you should move your hand and how to clean the handpiece in order to protect it from damages etc.

We recommend you to book a date in advance and please contact us to talk about your tailored day with one of our lecturers.

*Expenses will include travel to the practice (from Leeds) and possibly overnight accommodation, depending on practice location.