Dr Rana Al-Falaki BDS MFDS RCSI MClinDnt MRD RCS(Eng)

"I love your blogging - keep it coming - so useful!!" 

Dr Mervyn Druian BDS (RAND) DGDP RCS

"Very good lecture!"

Dr Tatjana Cepurnaja BDS

"Thanks a lot for the enjoyable presentation and useful information."

Nichola Pratt DH

"Very well organised and very informative course."

Eial Makori BDS 

"Excellent presentation."

Nevzat Ballıpınar BDS

"I am a 40 years experienced dentist. I started to work in my first practice with a barber’s chair to treat patients on, wall mounted motor as a turbine and an ash bucket with ash as a cuspidor. And now after a long travel in time with patience, hard work and non-stop education I have the laser device and the implant technology all together in my polyclinic. It is very weird to have such technological treatments in our hands.

I am doing my job as a hobby. For this reason new technologies in dentistry are my toys. The most important thing for me is not to lose my enthusiasm for my hobby.. At this point I am using the newest and proven treatment technologies to travel in time for going back to my excited first days’ in my old practice. As a time traveler I saw that travelling in time as an educated person can provide himself/herself a lot of things. I have got the award of "The Best Medical Practice in 2011" in Turkey. I would like to thank to people who made it possible."

Ufuk Tiyansan BDS

"Even though I tried to follow all developments in my profession as much as I can for 25 years, I was experiencing "boredom" about my profession. Three years before now I was even considering to move in to my small yacht at the southern coast of Turkey. However thanks to my final investigations I entered in the world of dental lasers and some implant dentistry concept; immediate loading. These two caused flashes in my brain, showing me the way to meet all my patients’ demands. It is very important to choose the right source of information. In my opinion the lecturers need to be enthusiastic, innovative and experienced in what they are doing. I observed how correct that way was leading me to my kindled success both clinically and financially. I even had a lien on my house to move my clinic (which I was renting at the time), buy the best dental laser, make a bulk implant purchase and get certified education. In three years I bought my clinic premises, added three dental units, a digital panoramic X-Ray and a second dental laser. After all this hard work I had to get myself a nice present, which I got recently; a black coupe, cabrio Porsche :D I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Zafer Kazak BDS MSc and Dr. Ilay Maden BDS MSc PhD for their endless efforts to guide me on my way."